Paige, Andy, Ollie & Ella - Ballarat, Victoria.

There's no greater compliment you can give a photographer than being invited back to capture your special moments. 

Seeing how much has changed - how your little world has grown and evolved - is so special and there's nothing quite like being able to freeze these moments in time.

So when Paige and Andy reached out for me to again capture their family, I was over the moon. 

New milestones, new traditions and new family connections were all on the horizon for a special session.

Meeting at their new property, filled with plenty of places to explore and play, Paige, Andy, Ollie and their newest addition Ella, headed out to the paddock for a relaxed family session - with ample space for Ollie to be himself. 

Watching the sun go down at their new home, as a new family of four was magic. I can't wait to see just how much will have changed if I'm lucky enough to be asked to capture this gorgeous bunch again.